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Get bigger
refunds with utu Status Match.
What is Status Match?

Status Match connects your KrisFlyer Membership to your utu Membership. When that happens, we automatically match the membership status. So, your loyalty to KrisFlyer is recognised and rewarded.

Bigger VAT refunds and more miles for every Member.

No matter your membership tier, you’ll always get a bigger refund with utu. All you have to do is choose ‘KrisFlyer’ as your refund method and use your utu Tax Free Card to receive your VAT refunds in utu Miles. These miles will then be converted to KrisFlyer miles. For each completed refund, you’ll get up to 40% more miles.
KrisFlyer Tier
utu Membership Tier
PPS Club
Solitaire PPS Club
KrisFlyer Elite Gold
KrisFlyer Elite Silver
Five steps to bigger refunds

1. Accept the utu Status Match to KrisFlyer.
2. Download the utu app and your utu Tax Free Card is ready to use.
3. Choose ‘KrisFlyer’ as your preferred refund method in the app to convert your utu Miles to KrisFlyer miles.
4. Use your utu Tax Free Card number on any VAT refund form.
5. Complete the VAT refund process at the airport.

Setting up your utu Membership and Status Match only takes a few minutes. To get started, continue below, and fill in your registration details.
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Where to find your KrisFlyer Membership Card
  • Open the Singapore Airlines app or website.
  • Click on your profile icon at the top right and locate 'My Account' or 'Account Summary'.
  • Take a screenshot showing your name and KrisFlyer membership number.